gibson1.jpgGibson Electric & Technology Solutions (Gibson Electric) has a full-scale 5,000-square-foot fabrication workspace with an additional 31,000 square-feet of warehouse space.

With a team of expert technicians leading the way, Gibson Electric’s prefabrication shop can lend assistance on projects ranging from tenant services to high-tech data centers and everything in between.

What Can Prefabrication Do for You?

Prefabrication services create custom solutions that can add value to a project by reducing labor time, increasing efficiency, and keeping projects on-schedule.

Gibson Electric’s fabrication facility is furnished with specialty tools and equipment which helps enable low-labor, high-quality assembly.

Prefabricaton production is further enhanced by Gibson Electric's virtual construction department expertise in Building Information Modeling (BIM) utilizing Autodesk Revit. 

Preassembled materials can also streamline the on-site installation process, cutting overall project time.

Even something as simple as unboxing materials ahead of time can keep waste off the job-site and lead to cost-savings.

Additionally, by minimizing on-site operations and maximizing in-house labor, prefabrication also helps Gibson Electric fulfill its commitment to workplace safety.

IMG_E0864.jpgProject Planning and Coordination

It takes expert project management and coordination to realize the benefits of prefabrication. The team at Gibson Electric has the industry experience and technical know-how to help deliver these results. 

Gibson Electric avoids common missteps by communicating with other trade contractors, reviewing building plans, and coordinating work delivery schedules. Similarly, vendors are contacted early in the process to help guarantee every project has the materials needed at just the right time.

Advanced material-handling processes sort and organize materials, and also help ensure proper shipment and simplified installation.

The employees at Gibson Electric are highly trained and highly familiar with the technical aspect of their work, as well as the complex management requirements that go into prefabrication.

Most importantly, Gibson Electric has the insight to envision a construction project from start to finish, determining which project materials should be prefabricated, at what scale, and exactly when to install them.

IMG_E1190.jpgService Offerings

Gibson Electric has the capabilities for a wide variety of prefabrication services, including but not limited to:

  • Conduit and raceway support systems
  • Equipment and device flexible connection assemblies
  • Panelboad modifications with conduits
  • Pre-punched boxes and brackets
  • Wired and non-wired device assemblies
  • Light fixture preparation
  • Large or small conduit bending
  • Temporary lighting or power
  • Branch circuit home run wiring bundles
  • Conduit sleeves

To take full advantage of Gibson Electric’s prefabrication services and contact us today.