Telecommunications Central Office/DC Power Wiring Services

Electrical & Telecom Systems Construction & Installation Services

Electronic commerce has resulted in a tremendous need for switch sites and central offices. Gibson Electric & Technology Solutions' reputation in the telecommunications central office niche is based upon proven DC power wiring and telecom services experience for clients like AT&T, Qwest, MCI Worldcom, Nextlink, e•port@600 West Chicago, Teligent, Alcatel, ICG and many others. Gibson Electric & Technology Solutions is adept at synchronizing the vast array of components involved in completing any size central office project.

Gibson Electric & Technology Solutions' central office group performs comprehensive contract work that includes sophisticated telecommunications network backbone design, installation, startup, switch wiring, testing, operation and maintenance.

We also construct the commercial electrical power distribution systems and low-voltage systems within the integrated environment. Gibson Electric & Technology Solutions performs every step of the work along the way, including: installing the bays and racks; building the auxiliary framing and ladder racking; installing low-voltage cabling and fiber optics structured cabling; installing the battery rooms; installing the primary dual-source power that includes cabling, conduits, distribution panels, transformers, generators and uninterrupted power supplies (UPS); installing low-voltage systems and the distribution to all of these, including lighting control, voice & data communications, UPS and transvoltage surge-suppression systems; and installing fixtures and controls for lighting systems.

Our superior performance extends through every phase of the central office telecommunications construction and DC power systems installation work to result in a job well done. Gibson is one of Chicagoland’s largest and most respected electrical and telecommunications contractor.

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