Stephen Mulligan

Executive Vice President,
Division Manager

Value Delivered

In his role as Executive Vice President, Division Manager, Steve is responsible for the delivery of high-quality tenant improvement and data-center electrical installations, as well as providing support for low-voltage installations. He focuses on product training, continued education, detailed planning, and lean construction in order to give clients efficient and cost-effective installations. In segment sales efforts, Steve works to develop trust-based relationships with general contractors, engineers, architects, and end users.

Steve provides comprehensive financial oversite of all projects in his group and works with the Purchasing Department to help maximize Gibson’s purchasing power across multiple projects. Organized data management, historical estimate and project statistics, and detailed production evaluations allow Steve’s team to produce comprehensive budgets and bid proposals for customers.


Steve joined Gibson Electric in 2005 after working as an investment representative with Dutche Bank. Before reaching his current position, Steve held multiple positions at Gibson, including Assistant Project Manager (APM), Junior Project Manager, Project Manager, and Project Executive.

Steve attended St. Joseph College in Rensellaer, Indiana, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in business management and marketing.

The Personal Side

Steve lives in the suburbs of Chicago with his wife, Meghan, and four children. In his free time, he enjoys coaching his children’s sports teams, playing golf, listening to music, and cooking. A former NCAA student athlete, Steve maintains a lifelong love of baseball and aspires to someday win the elusive DRESL (Downtown Real Estate Softball League) 16” Softball Championship.